Technical Support
  • Excavator Buckets Introduction

    The standard bucket is applicable for light duty operations, such as clay digging, or sand, earth and gravels loading. The one with the capacity from 0.4 to 1.38m3 can be customized. The excavator bucket applies the qualified wear-resisting low alloy steel plate as well as low-hydrogen welding materials.

  • Excavator Bucket Manufacturing Standards

    Based on the client-side application conditions, our excavator bucket is manufactured in compliance with the national standards of hydraulic excavator, the industrial standard of construction industry, and the excavator overall performance.

  • Influence Factors of Construction Machinery Durability

    Currently, the construction machinery maintenance is of vital importance, that's because improper or insufficient maintenance will severely influence the project benefit improvement of construction enterprises. And the reasons that result in the unsuitable maintenance can be analyzed from the several aspects as below:

  • Excavator Maintenance Instructions

    1. Excavator should be maintained at the solid, flat place where little risk exists. The bucket teeth should be laid on the floor. Stop the motor and pull out the key.
    2. Put a warning sign marked with Under Repair onto the machine door or operating rod.

  • Forklift Maintenance Supports

    1. Daily maintenance is usually conducted after the shift.
    2. Primary Technical Maintenance: It is carried out after the forklift has been operated for 100 hours; one shift work equals two weeks.