Excavator Maintenance Instructions

1. Excavator should be maintained at the solid, flat place where little risk exists. The bucket teeth should be laid on the floor. Stop the motor and pull out the key.
2. Put a warning sign marked with Under Repair onto the machine door or operating rod.
3. When repairing, wear the protective tools, such as safety helmet, gloves, work shoes, etc. Use the operation tools in a proper way.
4. Take precautions against fire: use the flame resistant oil to clean the parts; eliminate any potential ignition sources; be equipped with the fire equipment; no smoking.
5. Only after you have stopped the machine that you can check and repair the machine. Otherwise, two personnel are required to pass the signals.
6. Most parts are overheated just after the motor is stopped. After the parts surface temperature falls, you can start the inspection and maintenance.
7. Prior to the maintenance, make sure the zero air or oil pressure of the system. You should not repair the electrical components until you have dismantled the discharging battery.
8. It is dangerous to repair or replace the joint or flexible pipe if the working device is in the suspending state. Be sure to put the device onto the floor, and then you can begin to repair or replace the device
9. When you have to get into the machine bottom for maintenance, you ought to use safety jack or other safety device so as to support the machine.
10. If there are at least two maintenance personnel, they should cooperate together and submit themselves to the guider's direction.
11. Keep ventilation if the excavator is maintained indoor.