Influence Factors of Construction Machinery Durability

Currently, the construction machinery maintenance is of vital importance, that's because improper or insufficient maintenance will severely influence the project benefit improvement of construction enterprises. And the reasons that result in the unsuitable maintenance can be analyzed from the several aspects as below:

1. Lock of Maintenance
Many enterprise ignored the importance to maintain the mechanical equipment. They only repair the machine when it is broken down. Once the machine has a failure and needs repairing, some personnel will not solve the problem fundamentally. All those factors have greatly shortened the machine's service life and lowered the safety.

2. No Machinery Updating
The broken or aged construction equipment will severely affect the construction efficiency. Also, it will result in the damage or hurt to the constructors. Therefore, you need to update the machine, and replace the damaged construction equipment spare parts with new ones.

3. Improper Use of the Machine
That the machine is used improperly will speed up the machinery aging process. Some operators have little knowledge about the machine application methods, especially those operators who are employed for a short time. After the operation, the construction equipment can not be carefully maintained according to the relevant rules.

4. Weak Construction Machinery Management
One of the main reasons is the frequent personnel redeploy. Some management departments blindly downsize the mechanical equipment management personnel. Moreover, some construction enterprises still don't have a complete, strict machinery management rules.