Excavator Buckets Introduction

Standard Excavator Bucket
The standard bucket is applicable for light duty operations, such as clay digging, or sand, earth and gravels loading. The one with the capacity from 0.4 to 1.38m3 can be customized. The excavator bucket applies the qualified wear-resisting low alloy steel plate as well as low-hydrogen welding materials. For that matter, it is characterized by high strength, high toughness, and excellent crack resistance.

1. The standard excavator bucket comes with lager bucket capacity, which ensures higher working efficiency.
2. Larger bottom area allows for higher fill coefficient.
3. While adopting high strength steel materials for body production, our excavator bucket also utilizes high-grade tooth holders to ensure durability.

Reinforced Excavator Bucket
The reinforced bucket is used to dig hard soil, load macadam or gravels.

1. On the basis of the standard bucket, this type applies the high-strength, anti-wearing steel for its parts where excellent resistance to abrasion and stress is required.
2. It has inherited all the features that owned by the standard bucket. But it comes with higher intensity and better abrasion resistance.

Excavator Bucket for Rock Digging or Loading
This kind of bucket applies the thickened materials for its easy to wear parts. Meanwhile, its bottom part is added with reinforcing rib. The bucket is used to dig soil mixed with hard stone, secondary-hard stone, and weathered rock. Also, it is used to load blasted ores and solid rocks.

It can be custom-made with the bucket capacity of 1 to 4.68m3. Through the utilization of the qualified abrasion proof low alloy steel plate and low-hydrogen welding materials, it has such features as good plasticity, toughness, excellent crack resistance, etc.

1. This excavator bucket applies the biarc design for its bottom, in an attempt to enlarge the ground clearance and alleviate abrasion.
2. A clearance adjustable device is used to the joint where the bucket rod is connected.
3. Made of ultra high strength anti-abrasion steel, the bucket has been prolonged for several times in service life. Additionally, it is reliable and more economical.

Excavator Bucket for Dredging
The dredging bucket is used to rivers or ditches where dredging is required.

It has the same features as the plane bucket, and comes with larger volume.

Screen Bucket
The screen bucket which can simultaneously implement both digging and separating tasks in one time, is used to separate soft materials. It is commonly found in the municipal engineering, agriculture, earth and rock engineering, etc.

1. It is similar to the standard bucket in design in spite of its screen type bottom.
2. It has the middle level of bucket capacity.

Flat Bucket for Excavator
The excavator bucket is suitable for repairing the pavement of certain slope. Also, it can be applied to the dredging of rivers, ditches, and so on.

1. Smaller bucket capacity, flat bottom
2. No teeth
3. Drain holes on the lateral side or bottom