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Track Bolts and Nuts for Excavator and Bulldozer

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Our range of track bolts and nuts is available with a wide range of diameters ranging from 1/2-1.1/8 inch, or 12-30mm. The bulldozer and excavator spare part is compatible with the Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Daewoo, Hyundai, and other reputed brands.

The undercarriage part is manufactured by cold or hot forging equipment, allowing for good surface finish. Because of the strict heat treatment, it comes with the grade at least 10.9. Also, we can make the track bolt and track nut according to the drawings or samples provided by you. Sprocket bolts and nuts are also available.

Our Advantages and Features
1). Materials

The raw material for our track bolts and nuts are acquired from national famous steel suppliers such as Hangzhou Steel Mill, Shanghai Bashan Steel Mill, and Beijing Shrugging Steel Mill. The steel material provided by these companies is characterized by good mechanical properties as well as stable physical and chemical properties. Thus, this range of undercarriage component features high strength and long lifespan.

2). Manufacturing and Processing
First, we posses the high-precision CNC machining center for excellent mould making, thus providing the heavy equipment part with pretty appearance and accurate size. And second, the blasting process is applied to make the surface bright, clean, uniform, and beautiful but without oxidation layer. The third, we utilize the controlled-atmosphere automatic heat treatment furnace to maintain proper hardness. Additionally, we have four mesh belt furnaces for heat treatment to prevent our track bolts and nuts from surface oxidation.

3). Complete Quality Control System
The strict quality control ranges from raw materials purchasing to machining and to final packing. We own such latest inspection equipment as Magnetic Powder Detector, Material Testing Machine, and Metallographic Microscope. Those processes together the advanced testing machines make sure all our track bolts and nuts have high quality and beautiful appearance.

4). Production Capacity
We are capable of manufacturing 70 to 120 pieces of track bolts for per minute. The utilization of full-automatic cold-forging machine has significantly enhanced our capability in producing more track bolts or nuts of better quality and prettier appearance.

Product Information
Raw Material 40CR, 35CRMO
Grade 10.9, 12.9
Finish Color Grey, black
Machining Methods Hot or cold forging
Here below is some part numbers for your reference
No. Part No. Application Types
1 2B5484+7K1706 D2, 933C
2 093-0251+093-0316 D3, D4, 931, 933
3 8H7504+6S3419 DH028/S50/S55/R450/R500
4 TB9/16*1 3/4  
5 4K7038+7K2017 D3, D4, D4D, 931, 933, 941, 215
6 7H3596+7K2017 931, 933, 941
7 TB5/8*1 15/16 R130LC
8 7H3597+1M1408 D4, D5, D5H, D6, D7, 953, 955, 977, 561
9 TB5/8*2 3/32 R210
10 9G3110+1M1408 225, 941, 951C, 951B
11 SH8756 225, 941, 951B
12 1S1859+1S1860 D6, D7, D7H, D8, D6H
13 144-32-11211 D60AEPPLS-6
14 207-32-11310 D60AEPPLS-7
15 150-32-21321 D65AEPS-6
16 154-32-21320 D65AEPPLS-7
17 7H3598+1S1860 235, 571, 572, 583
18 6V1792+1S1860 955, 963, 973, 977
19 1S8804/154-32-11210 D80A-8
Track Bolt part number and sizes for your reference
TB20053 S220-5/R210-3 M20*1.5*53
TB20053 SH200/LS2800Q M20*1.5*53
20Y-32-11210+154-32-31220 PC200-3/5/6,PC220-5 M20*1.5*55F
9W3619+9W3361 320,E240,EL240,E200,EL200B M20*1.5*55
14X-32-05000+14X-32-11220 D85ESS-2 M20*1.5*56
TB20057 R210-7 M20*1.5*57
2404T2749   M20*1.5*60
207-32-11350+01803-02026 320L M20*1.5*63
6Y0846+9W3361 320,325,d75-2,d75s-3 M20*1.5*63
207-32-11340   M20*1.5*65F
TB20065 D80A/E-12,D85A/E/S-12 M20*1.5*65
154-32-11230+154-32-31220 D80A-E-18,D8SA-E-18, DH10/S280/S290 M20*1.5*68
154-32-21321 D75S-2,D75S-3 M20*1.5*68.5
154-820-1240 D80A,E-12,D85A,E-12, D80A,E-18,D85A,E-18 M20*1.5*68.5
093-0265+093-0321 E300,EL300B M20*1.5*70
TB20075   M20*1.5*75
TB20085   M20*1.5*85
14X-32-11350   M20*1.5*105
TBNS20 SK200 M20*1.5
207-32-51210+207-32-51220 PC300-3/5 M22*1.5*56F
TB22059 PC300-7 M22*1.5*59
TB22059 EX300-5 M22*1.5*59
TB22064 R290LC-5 M22*1.5*64
4229948+4198449   M22*1.5*66
6Y9024+9W4381 330 M22*1.5*67
TB22072 EX400 M22*1.5*72
8E6103+9W4381 350 M22*1.5*73
093-0268+096-0586 E450 M22*1.5*78
200   M22*1.5*95
207-32-51210 PC300-5  
208-32-51210+208-32-51220 PC300-3/5 PC400-5/6 M24*1.5*65F
TB24068 SH350/LS3900Q M24*1.5*68
TB24072 SH450/LS4300C2 M24*1.5*72
176-32-11210+178-32-11220 D155-2 M24*1.5*75
175-32-11210 D150A-1,D155A-1,D155S-1, D155-2 M24*1.5*76.2
TB24079   M24*1.5*79
093-0271+096-0323 E650 M24*1.5*81
TB24128   M24*3*128
01803-02430 PC400-5 M24*1.5
TB22075   M25*1.5*75
TB26082   M26*1.5*82
195-32-11210+195-32-11221 D355A-1,D355A-3 M27*2.0*82
6Y7432+6Y7433 375 M27*2.0*90
195-32-61210+195-32-61221 D375A-2 M30*2.0*96
  D475 33*115
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