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25 Ton Diesel Forklift Truck

1. This diesel forklift truck is a kind of counterbalance forklift truck with rated loading capacity of 25 ton.
2. This heavy duty forklift features a performance lifting system, so as to meet most material lifting demands. The galvanized surface ensures extended service life.
3. The front and rear tyres for the material handling equipment are made of abrasion-proof nylon, which allows for little rolling resistance and enhanced wearing resistance.
4. This type of warehouse truck is convenient to manipulate.
5. Its fork is made of the channel steel with high tensile strength. The innovative fork design effectively prevents damages to the pallet while ensuring convenient material handling.

Product Information
General Info. Model CPCD250
Power Type Diesel
Rated Capacity 25, 000Kg
Load Center 1, 250mm
Operating Pressure 21Mpa
Dimensions Lift Height 3, 500mm
Fork Size(LxWxT) 2, 200×220×100mm
Fork Spread (outside) Min. /Max. 540/2, 300mm
Mast Tilt Angle (F/R) 6·/12·deg
Fork Overhang 915mm
Overall Dimensions Length To Face Of Fork 6, 150mm
Overall Width 2, 870mm
Mast Lowered Height 3, 700mm
Mast Extended Height 5, 440mm
Overhead Guard Height 3, 600mm
Outer turning Radius 6, 160mm
Performance Travel Speed(Unladen/Laden) 30 km/h
Lifting Speed 300mm/s
Max. Gradeability(Laden) 20%
Max. Drawbar pull(Laden) 150KN
Dead Weight 28.5T
Wheels & Tires Tire Front 4×14.00-24-28PR
Rear 2×14.00-24-28PR
Tread Front 2, 060 mm
Rear 2, 330mm
Wheelbase 3, 950mm
Ground Clearance(Under mast) 180mm
Power & Transmission Batter Voltage/Capacity(5HR) 24V/200VA/h
Engine Model WD10G
Manufacturer Shandong Weichai
Rated Output 165 Kw
Rated Torque 2, 300N.m
No. of Cylinders 6
Cylinder Bore×Stroke 120/145 mm
Displacement 9.839cc
Transmissions Manufacturer Sanci
Type Hydraulic
Stage FWD/RVS 2/1
Remark: The product improvement and parameters are subject to change without notice. The pictures are for reference only, please in kind prevail.
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